Pole dance

Pole dance or also Pole fitness is a term for dance acrobatics on a vertical bar in a combination of gymnastics, dance and fitness. The complex and effective involvement of the muscles of the whole body helps to achieve a beautiful and toned figure in a fun way.

Regular course:

  • 12 lessons led by a tutor, 1 lesson = 60 min.
  • starts with warm up and stretching of the whole body (warm up)
  • continues with repetition of already learned elements, practicing new elements, combining and linking
  • the class ends with strengthening and stretching (cool down)

Open class:

  • a one-time lesson, led by a lecturer,
  • in order to try pole dance lessons/ practice your favourite tricks, combinations and improve yourself

Free lesson:

  • lessons for training yourself without the guidance of a lecturer

Overview of the courses

For an up-to-date overview of new and ongoing courses, go to www.trendigo.studio/rozvrh.


PRICE: 3 000 CZK / 12 lessons

Obtížnost: 1

  • The course is designed for complete beginners with no previous experience.

  • You will learn basic grips, walking, climbing, sitting and standing on the bar and B1 spins.

  • You'll try your hand at floorwork and at the end of the course we'll hang upside down for the first time.

  • Do you know the technique of B1 spins, sit-ups and standing on the bar? Hurray for the next level B2!



PRICE: 3 000 CZK / 12 lessons

Obtížnost: 2

  • Follow-up course to our B1, recommended after 3 months of regular training.

  • Do you know the basics of PD, B1 spins, climb, sit and stand on the bar, not afraid to hang upside down?

  • You will learn more challenging spins and one handed, more combinations and new inverted positions

  • Can you handle inverts (crucifix, gemini, pike, cross knee release,...)? Let's move on!


PRICE: 3 000 CZK / 12 lessons

Obtížnost: 3

  • A follow-up to our B2/ Bmix course.

  • Can you do basic hangs upside down and have you trained for at least 6 months?

  • You will learn more challenging upside down hangs, transitions from one element to another.

  • We recommend working on your fitness and attending our stretching class.


PRICE: 3 000 CZK / 12 lessons

Obtížnost: 4

  • Follow-up course to our INT1/ INT mix.
  • Can you do the elements, transitions and combinations from INT 1 level without the assistance of a tutor?
  • You will learn combinations and transitions of already learned and new elements.
  • We recommend practicing at least 2 times a week. We will be happy to advise you.



PRICE: 3 000 CZK / 12 lessons

 Obtížnost: 5

  • Follow-up course to our INT2/ T&C INT
  • Can you do tricks and transitions on the bar without contact with the ground?
  • You will learn new types of grips: twisted grip, cup grip, clow grip and more...
  • ADV level lessons require good flexibility and strength equipment.



PRICE: 3 000 CZK / 12 lessons

Obtížnost: 6

  • Follow-up course to our ADV1.
  • Want to keep pushing your limits?
  • Can you do power tricks and dynamic transitions on the bar without contact with the ground?
  • Welcome to us. We're glad you made it this far.