• Lecturer: since 2016
  • Lessons: Pole dance & strong, Pole transitions, Workshops
  • Phone: +420 774 631 315
  • Email: bara@trendigo.studio

About me

I love movement and I like to explore it from all sides. What I enjoy most about pole dance is pushing my own limits and the endless possibilities of inventing new combinations. I started pole dancing in 2011, and gradually got into competing and teaching (both directly in classes and as a theoretical instructor in pole dance teacher training courses). In addition, I am involved in aerial hoop, classical ballet and contemporary dance. I work as a sports and rehabilitation doctor.

Sports achievements:

  • 2015 3rd place Czech championship in pole sport - cat. amateur
  • 2016 1st place Czech championship in pole art - cat. profi
  • 2018 Pole theatre Germany final in pole drama profi category
  • 2018 Pole & me final
  • 2019 final Pole & me
  • 2020 final Pole & me
  • 2022 final Pole & me