Aerial hoop

Aerial hoop is a term for aerial acrobatics in a hoop. It is a fusion of dance, sport, fun, art and elegance that will become part of you. Try out the original circus activity to develop your body's coordination and flexibility.

Regular course:

  • 12 lessons led by a lecturer, 1 lesson = 60 min.
  • starts with warm up and stretching of the whole body
  • continues with repetition of already learned elements, practicing new elements, combining and linking
  • the lesson ends with strengthening and stretching (cool down)

Open class:

  • one-time lesson, led by a lecturer
  • try aerial hoop lesson (different levels)
  • practicing your favourite tricks, combinations and improving yourself

Free lesson: 

  • lessons for training yourself without the guidance of a lecturer

Overview of the courses

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Max. obtížnost=4

Aerial Hoop 1 - AH1

Obtížnost: 1

Price: 3 500 CZK / 12 lessons

  • Are you interested in a new kind of sport, do you want to move and stretch?
  • The course is designed for complete beginners with no previous experience.
  • Once you start, you will not want to stop.

Aerial Hoop 3 - AH3

Obtížnost: 3

Price: 3 500 CZK / 12 lessons

  • You know: inverted man in the moon, russian split and you're not afraid of the top of the hoop.
  • Recommended after about 9 months of regular training.
  • You will learn tricks like Russian split or Meathook etc.

Aerial Hoop 2 - AH2

Obtížnost: 2

Price: 3 500 CZK / 12 lessons

  • Do you already have experience with AH and can you V invert?
  • This course is suitable for intermediate students and builds on our AH1.
  • Recommended after about 3 months of regular training.

Aerial Hoop 4 - AH4

Obtížnost: 4

Price: 3 500 CZK / 12 lessons

  • Our most advanced hooper course.
  • Recommended after passing level AH3.
  • We look forward to seeing you, it's going to be a ride.