• Lecturer: since 2020
  • Lessons: Ring & strong, handstands
  • Phone: +420 732 668 127
  • Email: dan@trendigo.studio

About me

Ever since I was a little boy, I've loved to move. It started with climbing trees, jumping fences and running after the ice cream truck. I stayed with that for a long time and added several sports at once, plus I represented my village in many athletic and endurance events at district, regional and sometimes national competitions.
This gave me the ability to repeat any movement without having to do any extra training beforehand. And that's what I loved about it. The versatility to decide on any activity and master it playfully.
I played soccer for 11 years, followed by bodybuilding for 5 years, and I found that I wasn't as complex and versatile as I used to be. Therefore, I decided to completely change my perspective on movement, as such, and started studying it.
Now I am going back to my childhood years and helping my clients to do the same.